25 September 2012

why ? who ? how ?

ehem ehem . .

3 question you asked me, 3 answer i gave you. why i leave you without any reason? because you know what you've done. who faults? firstly you, secondly me *maybe*. how to setteld this problemo?  no need :) cause i gave you 4 years and 6 month. enough rite? you said that u wait for me 4 years but u just hve 6 month to spend with me. million sorry cause better i stopped all this before you leave me just because someone else. itu lagi saket sayang :)) okayy, THE END :pp

so , from now on my life back like before . nothing to worried anymore . cerita sini habess sini . no more answer for your question my dear :) to JB dont worry. loveyou till when2 lahh ! haha :D