30 December 2012


sometime we do not realize what we've DONE so automaticly we also do not realize dat we HURT someone. im not GOOD enough cause nobody PERFECT. always make a stupedd mistake again and AGAIN cause im just an ORDINARY girl who always forget that i also have a HEART and feelings. i've RIGHT to be loved. am i right? so, why there should be a third person, fourth, fifth and MORE ? dugaan -_-'' i really care for the hearts of OTHERS but how bout MY heart? no one should understand and try to take care of. YOU and me , we're the SAME. we should TAKECARE each other. UNDERSTAND each other. MAKE IT each other. TRYING each other and.. LOVE each other :') SORRY that i hurt you. my bad. i'll try my best to be BETTER than before and at the same time i just hope  that you can ACCEPT who iam. i want you always by MY SIDE cause i know u can GUIDE me till JANNAH :') In shaa allah !

pssstttt~ iloveyousayang :')