23 February 2013

sahabat :)

kami sahabat :)

thanks KECIK
30 december 2012. segalanya bermula :)

thanks MAWI
kau tapena bored jadi advisor aku.

thanks guys :)
both of you always here for me. always by my side. always understand me.
thanks alot cause finally both of you can accept what i've decide, can accept what i feel it and suppotin me :')
okayy sumpah terharu sangat dapat geng like you guys.
segala susah dan senang always share together.
ATE together
NAGGING together
WORKED together
LAUGHED together
CRIED together
evrything we did together without feel bored feel tired and feel doubt :)

you guys always know what is the best for me.
you guys macam menjadi saksi kami from A to Z..
you guys know more bout what has happen to me.
as ure sista, i just wanna say that..
i love you brother :')

counting days :)

38 weeks. ibu and papa nervous and cant wait to see you soon. welcome bebiboy. we waiting for you. hope everything gonna be okay and ...