12 February 2013

sepetang bersama si chomel lotte @bellabello

 okayy shes bella. 11 month. why bello? i put dat last name ! sesaje. sebab bella chomel sangad. if put dat 'bello' macam lagi chomel kot. so combined dat name hasilnya jadilah @bellabello ! hew. anak kak eida my neighboor. btw, back from work teross lepaking at my neighboor home cause want to spent time with si chomel lotte @bellabello. dats all. the ends. kbhai. aunty jaja loveyou @bellabello . muahahaaa~

counting days :)

38 weeks. ibu and papa nervous and cant wait to see you soon. welcome bebiboy. we waiting for you. hope everything gonna be okay and ...