18 May 2013

shes bestiey :')

ehem ehem.. hello world :D have something to sharingggg !

me spongebob and yaya ! haha.

yeahh.. shes name YAYA ! shes my bestie . no matter what happen , both of us know how to keep it all that secret. shutt ~ nothing can make us telling the truth cause..secret is SECRET and nobody cant know about that :) btw , thanks alot to her. she always beside me when i need someone to talk. even shes blurr-ing but shes still the best and yeahh we're crazy abit ! err nope.. crazierrr actually i think aherher -__-''

we like to cam-self , like to eat but she eat alot more than me..that truth ! aherher. we're shopaholic ! she like to cooking ! i admit dat shes a good chef ! haha. shes the 1st from 7 sibling and imma last from the 7 sibling. we always do something together. date also ! haha. we called him GALAK. whos that? yaya BF ! opss nop but yaya FUTURE HUSBAND actually. that truth ! again, hew. i hope she happy with him. i always pray for their happiness. and we..still can be friends forever and ever my dear :') 'terharu doe!'

the end :)