10 April 2014

i'm just a human

is not like what we expect to be happened. you know what? i'm currently having a situation which i dont know how to tell. people datang dan pergi was too biasa for me.

And this time, when there's a people who wanna stay, i pula yang back off.  I just don't wanna talk bout this. Cos i'm too tired. Fikir masalah kau sorang je tak boleh. I pun ada masalah. If i yang ada masalah ni diam kan je, now you wanna drag me and be your problem. Itu semua your choice. Its not even mine. Im so sorry for having this kinda behavior. It's not like i dont care about you at all. I do care but idk how to express it on your way.

How can people simply say something that they won't supposed to say?why i it to easy for you? and yess i know nothing bout you at all. I know NOTHING ! My bad, and you also know nothing about me too.

If i left my heart unprotected, with no guards, i won't be a person like who i'am ight now. and i want be the same as i was. why is it so hard to understand?